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Positioned to SOAR IN 2024!

If you're new to our world, we want to welcome you. If you've been partnering with us for a while, you already know something extra exciting is coming up.

We are excited to inform you about our vision and goal-setting party which is proven to get the best results and is an amazing opportunity for couples (married, engaged or seriously dating) to participate in a fun, interactive workshop to discuss and create their vision and goals for 2024 and beyond. Our theme this year: Positioned to Soar in 2024!!!!

We will review key areas to help you get started, ranging from Purpose, Vision, Mission, Goals, and Planning. For this workshop, you do not need anything but the downloadable workbook that we will give you a link for, once you register. After you complete the workbook, if you want to transfer everything to a board, you may want to have the following materials handy: poster board, paper, pencil/colored pencils, designs,  letters/words, pictures, and magazines. New creative digital options to create your board are Pinterest, Canva, Microsoft, and more.

This workshop has been designed with an exceptional and engaging approach that is not the same as the traditional vision board party hence giving you a good satisfactory experience that will create a lasting strategy for a better relationship. This is an effective workshop that allows you to have discussions with your mate and, actually write out your goals in 5 key areas for yourself, and for you and your partner, in a creative way. If you don’t know the purpose why God put the two of you together or have a vision for where you want to go in your relationship, as well as how you can accomplish your biggest dreams and goals exactly as God designed them, then this workshop is right for you.


Find out how powerful couples are really living a healthy and happier life today.

There are several dates to choose from But guess what, you can get a date to have a private party for your own special group, organization, ministry, church, community and girlfriends. Send us an email to find out how,

Positioned to win,

James and Cynthia


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