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The greatest couples conference and expo on the planet with fun games, entertainment and charismatic presenters. #CouplesFest2023

In Love and Loving It Couples Academy Membership Organization

The world’s first and hottest new #1 Training Resource center for couples to grow, have fun and network

Global Relationship Leaders Mastermind
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An event for Thought Leaders who are leading the way in the marriage and relationship industry. This is an opportunity to come together with like-minded leaders who are trailblazers for marriages, family and the community. If you are a Pastor, Minister, Family Life Director, Marriage or Pre-marriage Counselor at church or Ministry leader, a Licensed Marriage Counselor or Therapists, Marriage or Relationship Coach, Marriage or Relationship Entrepreneur or Marriage and Family Business owner, then this Mastermind is for you. You will network, collaborate and build strategic partnerships to help grow your business or ministry. We bring in top experts and trainers in their field to grow us in 3 key areas: our business or ministry, our own marriages and our spiritual walk. #GMLM

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Join the movement! We are shouting to the world that we are in love and loving our mates
Receive a free branded graphic to show the world that you love your spouse/mate and that there are great marriages & relationships in the world! We simply remove our picture and add yours. #ILLIImage

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6th Annual CouplesFest Expo & Festival
Global Marriage Leadership Mastermind
Every 2nd & 4th Saturday

This workshop is for seriously dating and engaged couples.


Here is what is offered in this course:

5 Keys Questions to ask to know that you are ready for marriage
5 Things Marriage is Not
7 Secrets to Prepare for a Marriage Built to Last 


Tools you will walk away with

  • More knowledge on preparing for your next step

  • Tools to continue building your courtship and dating relationship

  • Preparation should you decide to marry#PMWorkshop

Preparation is key in starting off and keeping a healthy, successful and prosperous marriage.

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