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About MB2L 

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Marriage Built 2 Last, LLC website was created out of a vision to inspire marriages and to have a Marriage Resource Center for couples. God painted a picture to James and Cynthia Greene of a need for the world to truly know His heart for marriage. This is not out of a need for couples to receive coaching or for it to only be a message for married couples. It is out of a need for the world to know that God created a specific design for marriage and that He wants us to revisit His plan and His direction and follow it.  James and Cynthia strongly believe that we have got to get back to God’s original purpose, plan and intent that He has for our marriages. The enemy has painted a picture to the world of what marriage is supposed to be, but that’s according to man’s point of view. The Greene’s take a stand, not allowing the world to dictate to us what marriage is or isn’t. Their goal is to help educate the entire world: married and single, engaged and considering engagement; those who operate in (or have a desire to operate in) a leadership role in counseling or mentoring couples.

James and Cynthia believe the world needs to know that there are GREAT marriages out there and while no one should pattern their marriage after anyone else’s, everyone CAN have an awesome marriage! Their goal is to help provide tools for couples that will give them that ‘aha’ moment, moving them to a higher level in their relationship. Life has been like heaven on earth for them ever since God brought them together and just like fire shut up in their bones, they just can’t keep it to themselves. It is like God had the perfect marriage designed just for them because He knew the mission that He was going to send them on. Now, they have decided to take this journey with other couples. They are prolific and powerful speakers, transparent and transformative Relationship Coaches, and 2-time best-selling Authors. They have been fondly nicknamed by their friends and followers as, America's Favorite Couple!


So come on!! Let’s journey together!

Your Marriage and Relationship Visionary Strategists



James is originally from Philadelphia, PA , employed in the field of Information Technology, and operates his own IT consulting firm. Cynthia is originally from Fayetteville, NC previously worked in Higher Education and taught online university courses as an Adjunct Faculty member. She has a Masters's in Human Relations and is now a full-time Entrepreneur. The couple currently resides in Upper Marlboro, MD and has 4 adult children. They absolutely enjoy being ‘empty-nesters’!

One of America’s Favorite Couple’s most ‘memorable’ moments is a moonlight, private picnic dinner on the beaches of Aruba. One of their favorite moments is when they asked their kids to come home one weekend so that they all could spend quality family time together. They enjoy spending time with each other, no matter what it is and traveling around the globe.


This dynamic duo, fun, loving, Power Couple are unstoppable, on a mission and they make no apologies for the destiny that they are on, to redesign, reignite and recharge, the way the world thinks about marriage.    James and Cynthia Greene are on a mission to not just ‘Tell’ the world, but ‘Show’ the world, that there are great marriages out there and everyone can have one! For far too long, we have allowed the world to dictate marriage, and now it’s time to get back to the way it was originally intended since the beginning of time. The couple are Founders of Marriage Built 2 Last. They are Marriage and Relationship Pathologists, Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Best Selling Authors and Co-host of their own live Twolywed Game Show, and What Would You Do YouTube series.  And they are…….America’s Favorite Couple!

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