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Helping Couples become unstoppable through shared vision and goals


Whew! We made it through another year of this crazy pandemic! Is it over? Who knows, but, we are still here, so we all still have purpose and things to accomplish on this earth

This year I have never seen so many negative commentaries about how resolutions are out because people never stick to them. Well, life is not about resolving something or focusing on what you are not going to do anymore. Life is about starting, striving, and finishing something you started, something new and something ever-evolving.

I have so many goals this year that keeps me excited and on my toes. Some of them are so simple such as, I am determined to continue to get my emails down under 1000 (I started deleting emails in my personal account in October from over 10,000 and I’m now under 4000. I still have over 14,000 in my business email account). Ugh! I am disciplining myself to delete or put emails in a folder and unsubscribe if the information is no longer relevant to me. And then I have HUGE goals, like really getting our message out to the world, that ‘there really are couples out here who have amazing marriages and you can have one too’. I’m serious! That is My personal mission this year, to let the world know, in a BIGGER way, that everyone does not have a broken-down marriage. We want to set an example for those who need those role models and want the help. We are always here to help those in trouble, but we have a mission and a mandate to also be there for those who are not.

Are you a couple madly in love with your spouse and want to keep it that way? Check out our In Love and Loving It Couples Academy, Check it out!

Do you want one of those positive, happy, successful, prosperous and progressive marriages? The one that always seem to be on point (not perfect because that doesn't exist). There are so many things you can do to have it. One is, starting with a positive mindset that you are willing to go after just that. Then it takes putting in the work. One of the things that we do with couples is start by finding out what your personal goals are in your relationship, your life and for yourself. This is so that we can help you with what you want because we know that there is no cookie-cutter marriage and no perfect rule book for relationships. Then we go a step further and help you create shared goals and vision for your marriage.

Goal-setting offers some universal benefits. For one, it gives you a sense of purpose

  • Secondly, it gives you direction

  • Third, it creates opportunities for better communication

  • Fourth deeper understanding

  • And lastly, new ways to support each other

You could be the hardest working and most motivated person, but without something to aim at and guide that energy, you may find yourself not making much progress. When you do it with your partner, couples create a shared vision - an agreement that puts them on a track bigger than they pictured alone. This can help you get aligned across many areas of your relationship. It promotes a team mentality and can help you remain unified even when you disagree or have a stumble comes in the road.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself and each other to get started:

  • What are you looking forward to in 2023 and in the future?

  • What kind of experiences would you like?

  • Are there any specific areas you'd like to improve?

  • How can I support you and help you achieve your goals?

When you set big goals, you accomplish BIG dreams and set yourself up for success, prosperity, happiness, peace, unity and so much more! Want our help or want to attend one of our couples goal-setting parties, reach out. Power Couples Vision and Goals Party, Get started here!

Blessings to an Amazing New Year and a New You Two!

Cynthia and James, Your Marriage Strategists

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