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Get ‘MORE’ in 2024 in Love, Life and Action

Do you want MORE in 2024?! Do you need MORE in 2024? Are you prepared for MORE in 2024 and beyond? Now is the time that we need to prepare for all that God has for us. It is time to BE ready, not GET ready”. We must be ‘Positioned to Soar in 2024!

The New Year is here! Beginning a new year is always an exciting time because we look for greater and better things in the new year from all our previous years. But do you know that you can’t grow if you don’t have a plan to do so? And did you know if you write that plan down, you have an even greater chance of accomplishing all of your dreams? “The hand is a digital recorder for the brain”. The bible says in Habakkuk 2:3-4, (paraphrased), write the vision and make it plain, so that when you read it, you can run with it!

Every year James and I sit down and discuss and plan for our New Year. We do it alone, with just the two of us, and we do it along with other couples in our Vision and Goals workshops. Each time, we get more crystal clear on what we want, need, and are called to do for the upcoming year, and beyond. We could go down to our basement and pull our vision boards from as far back as 2009. It is such a great feeling of satisfaction to see all of the things that we accomplished, just because we sat down, discussed them, wrote them out, and then developed a time-based plan to accomplish them. Goal-setting is how we built our dream home, paid off our debt, built this business, lost weight, and developed healthier eating, cooking, and buying groceries lifestyle.

Did you know that setting individual goals and joint goals with your spouse can help you build a more happier, successful, and prosperous marriage and life? Did you know that 87% of people never set any future goals? Did you know that the 13% who do, if they don’t write them out and create a plan, they never accomplish them? Only 8% of people truly do what it takes to accomplish those goals.

Get on board. Let us help you get prepared to see your greatest dreams come true!! Sign up TODAY.

Our ‘Positioned to Soar in 2024’ workshop includes fun, music, a step-by-step live presentation by us, a special, branded downloadable, and fillable workbook, plus the opportunity to create your board from several creative options. We use our workbook to help you create a vision for your new year and to write out and plan your goals.

Then, you will have an opportunity of different ways to create your vision and goals board.

  • Traditional – have your poster board, magazines, markers, pencil, and paper.

  • Canva – have downloaded on your computer. You must already be experienced with this app.

  • Pinterest – Have downloaded on your computer. You must have experience using this app.

  • Microsoft Word or other Microsoft apps and Vision Board platforms.

Sign up and get your free downloadable, digital Workbook for the workshop.

Multiple dates to choose from in January. This year we allow you to request your very own private workshop specifically for your group, organization, church, or ministry. Just send us an email and we will help you get a date on our calendar,

Here's to your future,

Cynthia and James

***Don't do this thing we call 'Life/Marriage' alone. Stay connected with us for more exciting and great things to come in 2024! See what’s happening below:


Tender Love Valentine’s Day Elite Brunch - Join us by the beautiful DC National Harbor for a pre-Valentine's brunch.

K.I.S.S.S. Challenge - Need to spark the romance?

If you have never joined this free kissing challenge to spark the romance and ignite the fire, plus learn all the benefits it affords you, now is the time.

Get connected to other couples who are movers and shakers. Be inspired, encouraged and enlightened as you participate in this monthly membership program. It has been dubbed the #1 resource for couples by it's members. Try it out for just $1

Relationship Leaders from around the world join this group to grow, enhance and transform their businesses and their relationships (both personal and business). Get trained by top expert leaders in their field and each other. We don't play around in this group.

Watch us every Saturday morning at 11 am on our live show, Pillow Talk Lounge with James and Cynthia. Find us on Facebook or YouTube or PodBean. Do you have a ‘Hot Topic” to discuss with our audience? Apply to be a guest on our show by completing the form below. Click here to be our Special Guest on the Show!

Make Marriage Greater Book Anthology II - What is your marriage story? Did you make it through something and it changed your life/marriage for the better? Did you know that same story can help transform another couples life/marriage? Share your story in our next anthology. Click here if you want more information.

Pre-marriage Workshop - Engaged or getting engaged soon. This 12 week program prepares you to have the amazing marriage that you have always dreamed of! Contact us to learn more.

Free Discovery Call - Want to level up in your marriage/relationship. Not sure if Coaching is for you? Not sure if MB2L is the perfect fit? Book your free call now.

Marriage Built 2 Last Movement - Join our private Facebook group, for more fun, information and interaction.

CouplesFest 2024 - Save the Date! September 21-22, 2024, DMV area.


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