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April Showers Bring Mom Marriage Flowers

Creating Memories in Marriage for Mom and Wife

May is the month of Mothers and in many cases that of Wives. This month Marriage Built 2 Last celebrates both! Why, because wives and mothers deserve it! If the kids are grown and left the home, she looks to the one left inside the home to celebrate her, her husband. If the kids are too small to know it’s Mother’s Day or to buy gifts or do something special, then she expects Dad, her husband, to pull it all together. If it’s not Mother’s Day, she needs her husband to celebrate her. And guess what, your turn is next month! J

For the entire month of May, it’s all about ‘Her’. We want the men to not just celebrate their wife (the mother of your children), but ‘NOTICE’ their wife. Even if you don’t have biological kids together or even if she’s not a biological mother, she deserves celebration and attention.


Do You Know Her

Husband, when is the last time you examined or studied your wife? Do you really know her? We mean the grown up, several years later, career changed, baby making, got new hobbies, wife and mother. What’s different about her than when you first met or in your first couple of years of marriage? What does she like to do in her spare time? What doesn’t she like? Where does she go to have fun or relax?

Oftentimes, we get complacent in our marriage. What we really need to do is create memories. James and I believe in creating traditions, creating routines developing habits and growing daily. These things help create sustainability in marriage. Not just for you, but it builds a legacy for your kids because they are watching and they remember.

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You Don’t Date to Marry. You Marry to Date

Think back to when you first met. Where were you? Where did you go on your first true date? Was it romantic or fun or exciting? How did it make you feel? Did you do it again or did you try new and different things on each date? This is how your marriage should be. You should always be creating new and different memories. Date night does this. We believe that you don’t date to marry. You marry to date!!!!

Ways to Create Memories

Here are ways you can create memories for a lifetime. Create a habit when you wake up in the morning such as praying together or always hugging and saying good bye with a kiss. Create a routine where you have a date night planned ahead of time either once a week or once a month. Create a tradition where every Mother’s Day your wife knows that you are going to give her her favorite things. This is what builds legacy and memories and helps you grow and bond together. When husbands study their wives and truly learn them, relationships grow stronger. Want more ideas? Reach out.

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This month, we need the husbands to bring on their ‘A’ game! No more sitting back and waiting for something to happen or not noticing that ‘something’ is happening. Get out your notepad, your ipad, cell phone and get to taking notes about your ‘Bae’. We want to hear what you learn. Share in the comments below or send us an email to

James and Cynthia Greene,

Your Marriage Strategists

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