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Celebrating Positive Marriages

The topic of divorce seems to dominate conversations these days, with the focus on the purported 50% of couples who have experienced it. However, it is important to acknowledge that the other 50% of marriages are thriving. In a world filled with beautiful love stories and enchanting weddings, it is crucial to discuss what happens after the honeymoon phase ends and the journey of married life begins. How does one navigate this new chapter? Were there any lessons or guidance imparted? Did you turn to literature for insights? Or did you observe your parents' marriage as a reference point? Taking proactive measures to equip oneself with the knowledge and skills needed to sustain a successful marriage becomes imperative.Many individuals enter into the institution of marriage without actively seeking knowledge or guidance. While some may have attended pre-marital classes or sought counsel from religious figures, others may have simply engaged in open discussions and future planning with their partners.

However, despite these efforts, it seems that nowadays, marriage is often portrayed in a negative light through various mediums such as books, movies, news outlets, media platforms, and even within our own social circles. Consequently, the lack of respect and appreciation for marriage has become a prevalent issue.Upon closer examination, it becomes apparent that these negative portrayals do not accurately reflect the reality of successful marriages. Take a moment to observe the couples around you who have managed to sustain their love and commitment for five, ten, or even twenty years and beyond. Does this mean that they have never faced challenges or undergone difficulties? Certainly not! However, it is worth acknowledging that a significant number of these couples are genuinely thriving in their relationships. It is important to give credit where it's due by recognizing their achievements and offering genuine compliments.Thriving marriages often share certain commonalities which contribute to their continued success. Let’s review some examples:

1. Quality Time: Couples who allocate dedicated periods of time to spend with one another foster stronger connections.

2. Fun Dates: Engaging in enjoyable activities together promotes shared experiences and strengthens the bond between partners.

3. Appreciation: Acknowledging and celebrating each other's accomplishments helps to maintain a positive atmosphere within the marriage.

4. Understanding and Knowledge: Couples who actively pay attention to and study one another can develop a deeper understanding of their partner's needs and desires.

5. Love and Affection: Demonstrating love and affection through gestures, both big and small, fosters a nurturing environment within the marriage.

6. Communication and Conflict Resolution: Effective communication skills and the ability to address conflicts constructively contribute to the overall success of a marriage.

7. Attend Marriage-Related Events: Participating in marriage events and activities together can provide valuable insights, guidance, and camaraderie with other couples.

8. Spiritual Connection: Praying together and spending time with God as a couple can deepen the spiritual bond within the marriage.

9. Transparency: Being unafraid to share the positive aspects of their marriage with the world reinforces the sense of stability and happiness within the relationship. Plus more!

By acknowledging and implementing these aspects, couples have the potential to cultivate a thriving and fulfilling marriage. It is crucial to recognize that successful marriages exist and to embrace the actions and attitudes that enable these relationships to flourish.

We should refrain from criticizing the positive actions undertaken by couples. Instead, let us rejoice and commemorate their achievements. It is important to acknowledge that the potential for achieving success in one's marriage is higher now than ever before. Have faith in your abilities. Lend your support to those who are striving to build strong and lasting relationships. Cheers to the continuous growth of your marriage.

Positively in love!!!

James and Cynthia Greene

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