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Marriage Building Tool #2 Talk! Talk! Talk! Continued

We are continuting this month's post on Communication.

Can we ever 'Talk' too much? We (James and Cynthia) talk several times a day. Unless one of us is doing something extremely important, we know that at 10:00 am, we will have a telephone conversation. Several times throughout the day as things come up we talk on the phone. Sometimes it's twice a day. Sometimes it can be up to 10 times a day depending on what's going on with one of us. We talk at dinner time and we talk as we lie in bed at night.

You have to talk to one another and when we say 'talk', we mean really 'talk'. Choose at least one time a day that you will have a conversation about things that need to be discussed whether it's about the weeks schedule, the kids, or just to wind down or unload. Or, it can be anything on your heart. Have a designated place and time to have this discussion. Be able to look each other in the eye and try to 'feel' each other's heart. Be honest and straightforward about what you have to say, but say it with love always!

Happy Talking!

James and Cynthia

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