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How to Show Loving Expressions of a Sincerely Grateful Spouse

November is National Appreciation Month

How will you show your spouse sincere gratitude this month and going forward? Have you ever genuinely and on purpose shared with them how grateful you are? How did you show it?


You are probably thinking, why do I have to show them or share with them how grateful I am. They should just know. Does anyone remember as a child someone saying to you, or to someone you know, ‘ you ungrateful little brat’! 😊 Those are NOT kind words and they are hurtful. Don’t believe the hype in the kiddie song, from back in the day: ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me’. That is simply not true. Words can and do hurt. However, we can choose to not let the words affect us going forward, but that’s only if we work at it. It is important that we think, say and do positive things in our relationships. People need it and it makes a difference.

How do you show loving expressions to your spouse, that you are truly grateful for the things they do or say? There are so many ways to do that through actions and words. We don’t want to limit you so we will share just a few ways of our favorites. We would love to hear yours too.


PDAs – Public displays of affection. I love when my husband grabs my hand in public or put his arm around me when we are at an event. Since physical touch is his love language, it comes kind of easy to him. However, because he loves to touch, he sometimes touches in what I deem inappropriate places at inappropriate moments. A few things that you can do to give your spouse of few seconds of affection: Kiss him on his hand, rub her back or look her in the eye and smile, pat him on the butt, etc. Everyone likes to feel loved and these are easy ways to feel connected and noticed in a special way.

Shower them with an array of compliments. A simple moment of praise can really increase someone’s spirit. There’s nothing wrong with saying, ‘babe, thank you for taking out the trash just now’. Sometimes your husband gets a kick out of you telling him how fine he is or how sexy he looks in those jeans. A woman loves a compliment of what she’s done such as how great dinner was. Be generous with admiring your spouse and letting them know that you see them. Give them sweet little gestures like a note on the car. A small compliment goes a long way.

Be their biggest supporter. You should be cheering your spouse on every chance you get. You should want to see them pursue and achieve their greatest dreams, desires, goals. You should support them in any way that you can. As a matter of fact, you should be each other’s accountability partner so that you both have a win-win situation. Don’t push but encourage them to keep going.


To stay connected, join our private Facebook group at


To stay connected, join our private Facebook group at

Don’t be stingy on the love. Love comes in many forms. You get to choose how you share it. Compliment your spouse in some way EVERY single day this month and watch it become a regular habit for the rest of your life. Life is short. Make it a great one!!

James and Cynthia Greene

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