Couples Connecting Consistently

7 Principles of Communication for Successful Relationships

Couples Fuss and couples Fight. But they don't have to. In the voice of Michael Jackson, "I'm a lover, not a fighter"! Couples can learn how not to fight. Get more love, more intimacy, more connection, more peace and more quality time together enjoying each other.

We know that there are things that couples can do to work out every issue. The questions is…., Are you willing to put in the work? Do you love your spouse enough to give them the benefit of the doubt and ‘try’? Can you stand the test? What are you willing to do? If you love your spouse and you want to stay married and have an amazingly happy, successful marriage, there are tried and true things that you can do and it can start with knowing how to communicate effectively.

James and Cynthia walk you through 7 clear principles to help you communicate in a way that allows you to understand your spouse and makes you want to have a conversation with them. You learn how to listen really well so that you are connecting and enjoying talking with one another. These tools can be used whether you are having a targeted conversation about something super important or if you are on date night. Each principle builds upon the other.

We don’t want couples to just survive. We want them to thrive. Our goal is to help eradicate divorce. We do this by helping couples create customized, individualized relationship formulas built specifically for them to create a healthy, happy, successful and prosperous marriage. We believe that every couple can have a marriage built to last when built on the right foundation, first and foremost, the Word of God and then with the right marital tools. Seek help when needed.

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7 Principles of Communication for Successful Relationships

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