Why Black Marriages Matter

This is The Year of the Totally Confident Couple

In this article we will attempt to explore 3 key ways that Black Marriages Matter in today’s world. We know that our past helps shape our future, so therefore we have to have a ‘Now’ mentality so we don’t ignore the current state of the black family and community and how we move forward towards a great future. Therefore, we focus on what is trending now and what needs to happen to move things forward towards positive trends.

1. Why black marriages?

Why do black marriages matter? They matter because we as blacks matter! We know that strong marriages build strong families and strong families build strong communities and strong communities build strong economies. Therefore, if we want to build wealth, create success and leave positive, long-lasting legacies for our families and our communities, then we need to build strong relationships. Other races think about what’s best for their families and community before they make decisions. If we adopted that mentality, we could accomplish so much more amongst our people. Our marriages will affect the future (or lack thereof) for our black community and our country overall.

2. Why stay married?

Traditionally, about 28-30% of black households in America are led by married couples while 50-52% of white households are led by married couples (NCPA). This gap has widened since the 1960’s.We won’t delve into why there’s such a big didfference here but we want to tell you 4 reasons why marriage is important.

a. Married couples build more wealth (see our course: Marriage, Business and Wealth https://marriagebuilt2last.thinkific.com

b. Marriage is associated with better health for minorities

c. Married men earn more money than single men with similar education and job histories

d. Marriage reduces risk that our children will grow up to be perpetrators or victims of crime.

3. Why successful marriages?

It is important that marriages are successful because it reduces the chances of poverty and crime overall in our communities. A happy or successful marriage has shown lower rates of depression in mothers or wives/women. Marriage also increases chances that children will have a good relationship with their parents. Successful marriages reduces the stress and anxiety than coming home to an angry contentious household, which leads to better overall health. A successful marriage sets and achieves goals for the future which increase their chances of achieving prosperity and staying married. While we all know there are many successful individuals from single parent households, we also know that there is a lot of comparison in our own community of coming from a single parent household versus a two-parent one.

We know that all marriages matter, just as all lives matter. But we also see how marriage has long-term positive effects on each individual in the marriage, the family and the community. This is why Black Marriages Matter. We need our communities to be stronger, safer and more active for the sake of our children and our futures. Most married individuals are strongly active and committed to their community. We need people like this to stand up and lead our race to evoke change and positive effects for us. This is why we (James and Cynthia), as a couple and relationship business owners, have this burning desire and passion to help couples have powerful, successful, happy and prosperous marriages. We unapologetically want our people as a race to experience the benefits they receive when this happens. We want to protect us from hurt, harm and danger that comes from divorce and from not seeing positivity in marriage overall amongst our families and our communities. We know that we can make a difference and we make that charge to our people, to our community, and to our children. When we move towards a more positive trend towards more positive successful black marriages, that when ‘The Totally Confident Couple’ emerges and sustain long and committed success!

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