Remember Your First Kiss?

Was it HOT or was it ROT? LOL!

Most people remember their first date with their spouse or mate. But do you remember your first kiss? How did you feel? Did you swoon? Did you get butterflies? Did you feel happy and elated? Did you feel scared or unsure? Or were you like some people, who say they really didn’t like their spouse when they first met them, they had to grow on them. LOL! Was it a peck? Was it a deep throat throw-down type of kiss? Most people do experience strong emotions around their first kiss. Sometimes it’s dread, fear, panic, relief or exhilaration.

I remember my first kiss with my husband and I smile as I share my story with you. My husband and I met over 30 years ago. However, we have only been married 13 years. Our first date was on St. Patrick’s Day in 2006. It wasn’t until the third day of dating and about the 5th date that he swooped in to kiss me. Do you guys remember in those movies where the man kisses the girl in a very romantic scene and while they are kissing her back leg goes up! Well, that’s what happened to me! OMG! When his lips touched mine, the butterflies kicked in, my heart started palpitating and that leg went up. It was one of those deep throat, I don’t want to stop, it goes on forever, kind of kisses! I knew right then that I was head over heels in love!

Now, this did not happen in a romantic scene. We were actually at his place playing a board game, monopoly, I think. We were having a conversation, which led to ‘the’ moment of our future together. Do you remember where you were for your first kiss? Was it a romantic setting or were you somewhere comfortable? Were there people around or was it just the two of you? How did you really feel when he kissed you? Your first romantic kiss is usually etched in your memory forever! Love scenes in movies and books will usually cause you to have a connection to your own story. What is your story?

Kissing is something we re-experience over and over again!

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Did you know that research shows (University of Toronto) that people remember the details of their first kiss in detail much more than losing their virginity (and yes, men lose their virginity too!) 😊 Things that are emotionally arousing are usually etched in our memory with more clarity than something that is uneventful, whether it’s positive or negative.

We have found through lots of research that kissing has many positive effects on a person, both physically, mentally and personally. We were all taught not to kiss and tell. Today, we give you permission to kiss and tell!

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