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Preparing your couple goals to get ready for 2022

For those who want to lead a life together, nothing is more intelligent than setting goals for a couple for 2022. In addition to helping organize daily life, this attitude can make all the difference for the future.

To better understand the importance of these goals and how to put them into practice, be sure to follow this article. We will highlight why you dream together and how to do your part in the pursuit of fulfillment.


Why should couples have goals?

Just as having individual goals helps you understand where you want to go, two goals help couples to reinforce dreams that keep them together on the same mission. It's about projecting the future and imagining what it might look like from the current decisions and actions.

When the goals are not well defined, it is common that each one uses their efforts in opposite directions. Before long, the perception that no common horizon begins to weigh on us. Without a couple's plans and goals, what will the future for two be like?


How to set goals as a couple?

For all we've seen so far, it's important to have goals defined from the beginning of the relationship, no matter how simple and unambitious they may sound. Sit down together and discuss what each of you want in life and what you want to accomplish together as a couple, as a family for 2022, and for the future.

Nobody expects the two to plan their wedding after a month of dating. However, that doesn't stop them from planning a trip to a music festival they've always wanted to go to.


Know each other's wishes

When talking about goals, it is common to immediately think of grandiose scenarios, such as buying a house or spending three months traveling after quitting your job.

It's dreams like these that move us to believe in a better future, it's true, but we also have more routine and easy to fulfill desires that can be embraced in life together.

For example, changing the wall color of the living room in your apartment, going to the movies more often, or visiting a different restaurant each week.

In this first step, you don't need any filter. The important thing is that both understand what the other's desires are linked to the couple, however simple they may be.

Set priorities

That done, it's time to start organizing priorities. Of course, buying a house and painting the living room wall involve very different efforts.

Therefore, goals can have different categories, considering the time needed to achieve them and the degree of difficulty involved.

It is essential to find points of intersection between the desires of both so that the set goals for the couple reflect the expectations that both place on the relationship.


Organize an action plan

So that the goals can come out of the paper and into a reality, make an action plan. It should include the time allotted for the objective to be reached, the amounts involved, and any other important details.

Each one can have different responsibilities, duties, and availability.


Define financial issues One of the points that most often generate fights, the relationship with money needs to be well established.

Are you going to create a joint bank account and deposit all the money saved there? Do both of their wages go into this account as well? Are the couple's bills split evenly?

Think of all the points that could generate friction and make decisions in advance.


Constantly talk about progress towards goals

Time passes and often plans change. And it's okay for that to happen. Other times, the scenario has completely changed, and the proposed goal no longer makes sense.

Constantly talking about the couple's goals helps avoid frustration and unnecessary fights. Make it a habit. Also, it really helps to ‘post’ those goals in your home somewhere as a constant reminder of what you hope to accomplish.


Examples of couple goals

The couple's goals are very particular and as diverse as the relationship time. Couple of goals help guide and align your focus, open up communication and draw you closer. It is the case of planning a trip that has the look of the couple. The main advantage is being able to customize as much as possible: you can define the timeline, destinations, means of transport, and the type of experience you wish to have. Imagine a journey by car, crossing different countries, and having the opportunity to get to know the local culture in depth. Another completely different, but not exclusive, example is betting on a private pension investment. The option can serve to gather and monetize the money saved by the couple. In the future, this will ensure that they both live much more peacefully and securely. Setting goals is one key way to keep your relationship strong and forever moving forward. Only a small percentage of couples have clearly written goals. These are the people who achieve the most. Envision your future. Dream your big dreams. Step into 2022 prepared and ready to reach higher heights because you and your sweetheart are focused and ready to be each other’s, accountability partner. If you’re ready to dream bigger and want help, join one of our Power Couple Vision and Goals Party. We offer different days to fit your schedule. There is nothing that you can’t achieve when you put your dreams into action. Vision and Goals. Post one of your couple goals for 2022 whether big or small. Have fun learning what your friends are dreaming of by sharing this article. Let’s all dream big together!


Dreaming big,

Cynthia Gr

Remember: “If you build it, it will last”.


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