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On My Birthday I'm both Disappointed and Happy

Happy Birthday to all the December Sagittarius babies!

It is a great month to be born! But wait, do people forget to celebrate you because your born day is so close to Christmas. I hear that from a lot of people. It used to happen to me on the job. There would be a cake and a celebration of birthdays all year. But, when December rolled around, everyone was so busy planning the company Christmas party, the door decorating contest and Angel Tree donations and December babies were forgotten. No cake!

Well, not me this year!!! I decided to throw myself a good ole Throwback Old School 70s Birthday House Pahtayyyyy!!! And boy was it fabulous. The people came dressed in 70s from head to toe. We had throwback food, music, nostalgia candy and snacks in every room. We sang Christmas carols with the pianist, had a soloist, a DJ, scavenger hunt (about me of course) J, did the soul train line and danced to old school music all night long!!! Enjoy a few of the pics!

The DJ went Old School all the way! We partied all night long! Friends and family came from near and far!

So why was I disappointed. Every year I like to give back on my birthday. This year I had planned to spend my birthday volunteering at the local elementary school doing a toy and coat drive for the students. Well, after trying to reach someone at the school for about a month, I found out that they had already been adopted by a couple of churches and everything had been supplied for every child that was in need. Don’t get me wrong, I was excited and so pleased about that part, but I wanted it to be our company that helped the babies! In reality, as long as the babies are blessed, it doesn’t matter who got there first. All I know is that next year, I am going to get started early!

What do you like to do on your birthday? Nothing, time with family, friends, go away, relax, party?


Happy Anniversary to all the December celebrants! That goes for your wedding anniversary, job anniversary, sobriety, being illness free, or anything else that you are celebrating a milestone for. You see I had to do that for myself this year. I have decided that no more will I wait for milestones. Time waits for no one. I am going to celebrate whatever and whenever I feel I want to.

Go to our private Facebook group, and share your birthday or anniversary. We want to celebrate with you and keep you updated. We have started a movement to celebrate you!


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