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Mindfulness in Marriage: The Month our Man Shines

Remembering Dad/Husband


What do we mean by mindfulness in marriage? Often times we become complacent in our marriages because either we have become super comfortable with our daily lives and routines, or because we have been married for an extensive amount of time and just take each other for granted. In ‘mindfulness in marriage’ we get very aware of what is happening in our own marriage world. We start paying attention to our daily routines, habits, style, interactions, conversations and more (for ourselves and our spouse). The definition of being mindful is, conscious or aware of something; focusing one’s awareness on the present moment.

This month is called, ‘Mindfulness in Marriage: The Month our Man Shines’ because we want the wives to really focus in on their man. We want you to pay special attention to every aspect of his life. Pay attention to things such as, what he eats, how he sleeps, where he likes to go, what he does on a daily basis, what he really likes to watch on TV or listen to, how he talks and how he feels about things. This is not to bash your man or look at his faults. This is so you can truly learn how to support him or to respond to him or love him. This is so together you can make any shifts needed to help your marriage prosper and continue to grow.

June is the month of Father’s Day and we want to focus on the Dad/Husband. What do our men really want from us and out of life? Can we assist them with that? What can we do differently or how can we respond differently? What can we as the wife do on our part to make sure that we are a winning team?


Here are some suggestions:

  • Once a month, cook a meal that totally caters to what he likes (or buy it)

  • Once a month, go where he likes to go and participate or support

  • Once a month, just sit with him and watch what he likes to watch (without negativity)

  • Once a month, give him a gift (big or small) just because

  • Once a month, ask him is there anything that you can do for him

Let’s give our love our all. There is nothing that we can’t conquer or overcome when we focus on moving forward, the future or building together as a team. We are working at going from ‘I do to We do’. This is how we build a winning team.



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James and Cynthia Greene, Your Marriage Visionary Strategists


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