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Have you ever read about Aquila and Priscilla in the bible? We invite you to turn to Acts 18 to learn about what made them such a powerful and anointed couple. Today we want to share with you 3 points about this 'MarriagePreneur' Couple that can help you in your journey of marriage and business.

I. Aquila and Priscilla were 'marriagepreneurs' (entrepreneurs who were married to each other). The bible states that they were tentmakers. Their business was making tents and selling them so people have a place to live. They offered a solution to their neighbors and others. They created shelter for those who needed it.

II. Aquila and Priscilla loved the Lord. We know this because they followed Paul when he left Corinth, and became disciples of him. They knew the word really well, because later they schooled Apollos on his incorrect teaching and helped him get more understanding about the full story of Christ.

III. Aquila and Priscilla had a GREAT marriage. They travelled together, they worked together and they taught the word of God together. The knew how to balance life and build legacy together.

So now, here is what we can learn from Aquila and Priscilla.

I. Whether you have a business or want to start a business, offer a solution to people based on your skills, knowledge or talent. When you solve a problem, you help people and therefore your business will grow.

II. Know the word of God and keep Christ first. This is how you will be able to balance all the things that life throws your way. They had no problem following Paul as his disciples because they knew he knew the word. They had studied the word because they were able to give Apollos the full knowledge of Christ.

III. Learn how to work together and collaborate. They worked in business together and knew how to divide and share the responsibilities. They also knew how to work with others because they worked with Paul who was in the same business as them. There was no competition and worry that he would 'steal' their customers. We can get far alone, but we can go further with others, working together as a team.

Marriage by itself takes effort. We can't expect to wake up every day and have this amazing marriage. We have to put forth some 'intentional' work. Combine marriage, our jobs, our businesses, children, community, family and friends, and life can get a little convoluted. We have to create systems that work for us. Your marriage is like no one else's. Figure out what works for you and your spouse.

Taking steps to learn how to balance all the things of life is what helps to create that 'magic' formula for you to have a happy, healthy, thriving, and prosperous marriage. When you have the strategies on how to deal with issues when they come up, it's that much more easier to work through them and move on.

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Here's to your SUCCESS!

Cynthia and James Greene

Your Marriage and Relationship Strategists


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