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How To Fall in Love Again

It's time to capture this new season of love and romance!

Some people love it. Some people dread it. Fall starts a new season. And not just a new season of what the weather is like. It starts new things like a change of the types of clothes we now wear. It begins the start of schools opening and getting started for the new school year. It starts a season of doing different types of outdoor activities. For some it starts a new season of the foods we cook or eat such as hot soups and warm casseroles. We turn on our heat and in some cases our fireplaces.

What are we turning on in our relationships? Are we turning on the heat? Are we turning on new ideas? Are we turning on each other?

Here are 3 ways to turn things up in your relationship.

I.. Get reacquainted and do a ‘relationship check’.

Now is a great time to talk about how things have been so far between the two of you in 2020. It’s time to talk about what’s been the highlights at the beginning of the year when it was winter, then spring, then summer. And what are you going to purpose to enjoy together before this final fall and winter season are over this year. Here are some great tips to get you started.

a. Make a list of all the things that you did together as a couple.

b. Make a list of all the things you want to do as a couple before the cold, cold days settle in for the winter and during the cold days.

II. Take care of your Fall/Winter chores

Don’t let the season catch you off guard. Are there things that need to get done before the true winter days kick in? Consider some of the things below.

a. Are there winter plants outside that you need to bring in?

b. Are there things in the shed or the trunk of the car that you need to take out and put away?

c. Do you need to cover the grill or the outdoor furniture or store away the bikes?

d. Do you need new winter clothes/coats or do they need to be pulled out of storage?

III. Make your Dream/Wish list

There are some fun things you can pretty much only do in winter such as snowboarding or skiing or indoor fireside or outdoor firepits. There are some things that you may want to finish or get started on before the end of the year. This is fourth and final quarter of twenty twenty. We’re almost at the finish line of the first year of this new decade.. Below are some things you can do or think about to prepare for your fall season.

a. What are some things you want to see yourself accomplishing this winter? Will you sign up for that course or workshop? What about joining a gym because working out outside is no longer an option? What skills do you need to brush up on to get that next promotion.

b. Do you want special plans for the holidays? Now is the time to start thinking about your plans such as who’s house will the family celebrate at or will we all be virtual.

c. What can we change so that we don’t go into our relationship this fall the same way we started? Can we love on each other some more? Can we surprise each other more? Can we experiment with doing different things?

Fall into some new things this fall season. It could be as simple as planning different types of date nights than what you did in the summer months. It could be finding a new joint hobby. It could be supporting your spouse in their new business venture. Whatever it may be, make it fun, exciting, and something the two of you can enjoy together. Recreate, reactivate, re-brand your love for each other by being intentional. That is the key.

Need a little help? Join our couples membership club, In Love and Loving It Academy. We give you fun date nights, strategies and assignments as well as connect with you live each and every week. Learn more by going to

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James and Cynthia

Your Marriage Strategists

Reach out any time.



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