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This is considered the ‘LOVE’ month. Most people only celebrate the one day designated for love, which is February 14th, Valentine’s Day. On media platforms, they talk about it all month long. They can’t seem to get enough of it. They have love experts, dating experts, sex experts, gift experts, and more. One would think that this one month is when couples can get it right. But that’s usually not the case.


There are 4 ways that I think if we all thought about love this way, there would be more of it.

  1. Unconditional Love: Sometimes I think that if we truly understood unconditional love, divorce rates would be really low, people getting married would be really high, and… couples who are happy would be commonplace. So what is unconditional love? Wikipedia describes it as ‘affection without limitations, or love without conditions or complete love and has no bounds or is unchanging. This kind of love makes me think of a child’s love. A child (during certain ages) loves their parent no matter who they are, what they do and how they treat them. That’s mom or that’s dad to them no matter what. Some say it’s a mother’s love but I have seen too many movies and some real-life situations where a child hates their parent. But I guess up until a certain age, that unconditional love does hold true.

How can we obtain that type of love? I believe it’s when we become selfless and put the other person’s welfare before ours. Try it.

  1. If Love Could Talk: OMG! If your love could talk to your partner, mate, or spouse, what would it say to them? Would it say ‘I love you beyond words’? Or would it say ‘I love you sometimes’? What descriptive words would your love talk use? Outstanding, extraordinary, mediocre, high level, sappy, make my toes curl, or lukewarm, cold, barely, etc.

  2. Limitless Love: Is there a limit to love? Are there certain things that you do only when you truly love someone? Can you do too much for the one you love? Or, should you do everything you can to show someone you love them? Love is a noun and a verb. Therefore, it can be used to denote a feeling or to describe the action that you take or how it makes you feel. In other words, there are different levels of love and types of love. Love (noun) can be affection such as in kinship or attraction such as sexual or admiration/benevolence. Love (verb) is when you cherish someone or when you feel a lovers’ passion, devotion, or tenderness. If you are doing something for someone because you love them, I don’t believe you can ever say that you have done too much when it comes from a place of love. Do EVERYTHING you possibly can to show your love.

  3. Showing Love: How many ways can a person show love? For this article, we are talking about adult relationship love. I think the most important way is to let them know you love them by telling them. You can also do things such as listening to them, sharing your deepest thoughts or feelings, building a future together, doing new things together, spending quality time together, holding each other accountable, helping each other grow by being supportive, and one of my personal favorites, PDA’s (public displays of affection). Nobody usually felt like they were loved if someone never talked to them, shared something with them, did something for them, or touched them in some way. Of course, I have to mention the 5 ways that have been said to be the best ways to express and experience love: The 5 Love Languages (acts of service, words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, and receiving gifts). Figure which one of these fit you and your mate and then you are truly on to something.

There are no limits to love or on the amount of love you can give someone. When you love, you’re deeply committed. You share a special bond. When you think of love, what does love do? Love makes you smile, it makes you feel good, it helps you to have a better day, it helps you to be kind to others, it helps you to be healthier. Love does so many good things to a person. Love conquers all things and Love can help you see things through. Don’t give up on Love and don’t give up on Loving that special someone. And don’t give too little Love.

Today we celebrate LOVE and our prayer is that you pour out all the LOVE you have to give, plus more.

In Love,

James and Cynthia Greene, Your Marriage and Relationship Visionary Strategists


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