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Give your spouse the greatest gift of all, true love

From simple party favors, such as tickets and flowers, to more elaborate surprises, such as a romantic dinner or a trip. There is no shortage of gift options for the love of your life.

To avoid getting lost amid different possibilities, it is important to get to know your partner's personal tastes better and think about how the ideal surprise would be, which will make him happy and even more enchanted by you.

Always remember that love must have no prejudices or barriers, as every form of love is genuine. The important thing is to feel good, no matter who you are with. We must deconstruct the stereotypes that society preaches to build more love, respect, and empathy. Do you want to turn this love into a gesture for your loved one, but you still don't know how to give it to your spouse?

In this post, we'll give you some tips on how to choose a gift for your spouse.


Creative gifts

Use and abuse your creativity right now. Innovate and bring new options to gift your loved one. Creativity makes the surprise even more special and will make the moment more unforgettable, as in the case of dice of love, a personalized mug with your photo, cards. Want a tip on how to find the perfect creative gift? Search the Pinterest app for some ideas.


Gift cards

The digital age has provided many facilities for modern life. One example is the emergence of digital gift cards, popularly known as gift cards. It is a prepaid card linked to a specific store or platform used to purchase products or services at establishments that accept this form of payment. Depending on the type of service chosen, there are physical or online versions. Thus, when charged with a certain amount, the user can make purchases more easily and conveniently without using their own credit card. The most popular examples of gift cards used digitally are Spotify, Amazon, Netflix, and Google Play.


Photo album How about eternalizing your moments with the gift of Valentine's Day? Remember that special trip you took together? And the days when you celebrate your anniversary? Print the photos!

You know those cute video calls and messages you exchange on WhatsApp? Take screenshots of your cell phone screen and have them printed too! Collect the best images and create a fun photo album.


Special dinner

The dinner for two is quite traditional but never loses its value. A candlelit meal at home enjoying your favorite dish is always welcome. Take advantage of the commemorative date to make a romantic decoration. Place a small table in front of your fireplace or do a setup in your bedroom. The intimate moment can serve to relive the day you met, to talk more, and make plans for the future. As we are living in a delicate time, the ideal is to do everything at home and avoid restaurants.

Want a tip? Join our group to get our Valentine's Day playlist to enjoy this moment together even more.


Romantic trip

Traveling to discover new places and other cultures is always a good idea, and with your loved one, it is an even more special moment. Choose a destination that your partner really wants to know. Explore the culture of the town. Create new memories of something special that you do there.


The Greatest Gift: Love! Box with "reasons to love"

Write down the reasons you feel close to your partner: the qualities you admire in the person and things that make you feel proud of those around you. Then, just put everything in a decorated box and give it away.

Enjoy and place chocolates, photos of the couple, and other treats inside the box. This DIY gift (do it yourself) will be very successful with your partner. Most of all, give your partner the gift of time. Let your ‘Presence’ be their ‘Present’. Spend quality time together this holiday season creating new memories, traditions, and moments. Did you like our suggestions? Have you decided what you are going to prepare for your partner? Post your comments below. Share this post on your social media so our ideas can inspire more people!


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