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Falling in Love, All Over Again

5 Ways to Resurrect Your Romance This Fall

Sometimes in life, things just do not go the way we planned. On our wedding day, for some of us, our stomach has butterflies, our heart flutters, our nerves are on end, our energy is high, or we are bubbly with excitement. On the honeymoon, we feel extremely lovey dovey and like we could never live without one another. Then we come back home and life begins. Oh, and don’t forget about those who never go on a honeymoon and life begins right away.

We can not allow life to get in the way of our marriage, our family, our future, our legacy. It is important to always be moving forward in your relationship and not allowing life to keep you stagnant or go backwards. Please enjoy 5 ways to resurrect your romance this fall.

I. Go back down memory lane. Talk about all the things that you did when you were dating. Where you went, which friend you met first, when you met parents and siblings, what you did together, your first disagreement, the biggest blooper moments, even what you didn’t know about each other and learned during those times. This can help you remember how much fun you had discovering things about each other and even see some things that you had forgotten about each other.

II. Recreate your first date. Recreate the outfit or colors that you wore on your first date. Go back to that place and if you can’t go to the exact place, go somewhere similar. Talk to each other on this date as if you are meeting for the first time and get to know each other all over again. Order the foods that you ate on that first time dating.

III. Recreate your honeymoon. Take a weekend or even a day to go back to the place where you honeymooned. If you can’t go back to that specific place, go somewhere similar. Try to repeat the things that you did while there, even that steamy first night. Talk about what you saw, experience, the other people that were at the same place, what you ate and did.

IV. Pull out your photo album and reminisce about your wedding day. Talk about his moment when he walked into the wedding moment and when he first saw you getting ready to walk towards him. Tell him about those moments before walking into the room and when you saw him standing at the front of the room. Look for people and instances in the photos that you never noticed on the day of the wedding. Talk about how you both felt about each other on that day.

V. Do something the two of you have never done together before. There is something that one of you have always wanted to do. Share that with your spouse and decide on something that you will try together. This will help you create new memories.

Later this month, we will give you 10 fun things that you can do during the fall months to have fun, enjoy your spouse and have some new experiences together. Kick up your romance by doing the small things. Hold hands when you’re walking in the grocery store or kiss longer each night before saying goodnight. Don’t let the candle flicker and die and don’t let the fire go out. Romance doesn’t have to be hot and heavy, it just needs to be the two of you connecting, showing each other some attention and giving each your time.

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Forever falling in love,

James and Cynthia Greene

Your Marriage and Relationship Visionary Strategists

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