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Creating a joyous, stress free holiday season

Most people get excited when the holidays are approaching. Even though 2020 is considered a stressful and un-peaceful time, we can all still create new holiday traditions, while still holding on to the old ones. Although we may have to do things a little differently this year, we want everyone to enjoy this time.

The mistletoe berry has been a tradition during the fall holiday season for as many centuries as you can go back. It has been told that it represents fertility, love, romance, peace, friendship and health. Why? Because when most trees are barren and dead for the winter season, the mistletoe thrives in the cold, winter weather with beautiful green leaves and bright, cheery berries. These berries grow throughout the winter and can only grow when attached to a tree. They cannot grow on their own. So, we kiss under the tree to represent love, peace, fertility, romance, friendship and health with the one we love. Just like there are things that help grow our happiness and joy during this season, we equate it with the berry.

During this Christmas season we see lots of bright lights twinkling and red ribbons and bows and green garland and Christmas trees. They all represent life. Things that are alive. Just like our savior Jesus Christ. That’s what the season is truly all about. And He brings us new life every day.

So how can we bring new life to this holiday season and our marriages. We have come up with five ways to have a M.E.R.R.Y. Marriage during the holidays.

M. MAKE TIME. Make time for each other, your family, your friends and the things you enjoy doing for the holidays. They can be things such as drinking hot chocolate or hot cider beside a warm fire together. It could be you and the kids making a gingerbread house or stringing popcorn for the tree. You could do a Secret Santa gift exchange with your extended family or your friends (there are many online sites that you can use). This is what my family and I have decided to do and we are doing it with a group of our very close friends. I can not wait to see what Santa sends me through the mail this year!!

E. ENJOY. Enjoy each other and the others who are in your household. Find creative ways to make this holiday season fun and enjoyable. Don’t jus think about Christmas, but New Years is just around the corner too. Start some fun new traditions such as a most creative cup of tea or hot chocolate or dessert. Start a family game night or an evening of watching Christmas movies

R. REACH OUT. Reach out to one another to find out what you really want this season and not just gifts, but what does each family member really want to do this season. Would they like to go riding and look at all the Christmas decorations? Would they like to decorate their own room? Do they want to create their own Christmas wish list? Take to ask and then listen and decide what will work and what won’t.

R. RESPOND. Responding means taking action with your words and your deeds. If you know your spouse loves to listen to Christmas music during this season, turn up the volume! If you know they like lots of cider and noisy noise makers for New Years, then hurry to the store and pick some up. Be there for your mate and for the other folks in your house. Don’t make this season all about you but be on the lookout for how you can make someone else’s season ‘bright’.

Y. YEARN FOR THE BEST! We should always want the best for our lives and those who are important in our lives. That means putting our best foot forward. What can you do to make this a great season for you, your spouse, your family, your friends and yes, even a stranger. Don’t forget that this is the season of ‘giving’. What are you giving of yourself? What are you doing to make sure this year ends on the best note ever and what are you doing to get your new year off to a great start. It starts with being present. Present in the moment; present in this season; present for your loved one(s) and present for yourself. It ends with being prepared for now and for the future. Don’t let the new year come in with out you having thought about what you want to do different and see be different.

Marriage is the best thing we could ever ask for when it comes to having someone to have fun with and enjoy life with, especially during Christmas and New Years. Let some old things go, add some new things and hold on to the things that you enjoy. Kiss often and by the way, hang some mistletoe in your house to remind you to do so. Create a budget so you don’t stress over money and buying ‘stuff’. Create a plan to have fun and do some things together. That’s how you create a stress free and beautiful ‘Berry Merry Marriage.’!


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James and Cynthia Greene, your Marriage and Relationship Visionary Strategists


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