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Is Your Marriage Running on Fumes?

Have you been feeling like your marriage is running on fumes and you can’t figure out why? Or is your marriage running on fumes and you know you need to turn it around, but not sure how. We are here to help you with that today and show you how to refill the love tank!

Here are some reasons why your tank probably got low in the first place.

  • You got too busy with other ‘stuff’ or people

  • You stopped communicating

  • You got offended or disappointed by something that was said or done

  • You stopped being intimate

We want to show you how to fill up your love tank using 4 strategies.

  • Strategy #1 – Prioritize your schedule! Sometimes it just takes getting organized and taking some things off your plate if you can. Then you have to make sure that you put your spouse at the top of the list. You do remember that our spouses come first!

  • Strategy #2 – Get back to talking! Yes, I said it. Open up your mouth, your heart and your mind to start talking about what got you off track in the first place. Sometimes you just have to go back to the beginning.

  • Strategy #3 – Forgive! Why is saying I’m sorry so tough. In the near future, we are going to share our strategy on the ‘4 Steps to S.O.R.R.Y.’ It’s powerful and it works. Just say the words. It really does help us move past the hurt and pain and open up again. It doesn’t mean that you were wrong, it just means that you’re sorry this happened to us.

  • Strategy #4 – Go on a date! That’s right, dating can be intimate. Do you remember when you first met and you got so excited about dressing up and spraying on a little cologne or perfume? Light up the fire in your relationship by going on a hot date! You’ll be surprised at what it leads to when you get back home. (smile)

These strategies and tips can keep your engines running smoothly. We cannot allow ‘stuff’ or other ‘people’ get in the way of what’s most important, our spouses, our love, our marriage! For more tips, text the word ‘marriage’ to 443-201-7723 to get our free ebook on ‘5 Sizzling Tips to Rekindle Your Marriage’’. Stay tuned for next month’s topic on ‘How Married Couples Make More Money’.

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