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3 Ways to Build a Marriage That Last

Many of us say that we want a marriage that lasts forever. What does that really mean to you? When you think of building something, you think of tools. What tools does it take to build? Tools needed, depends on what you're building. In building a marriage you can use 3 main tools: 1. The Word, 2. Each other 3. Resources

We know what the Word is and we know that we have each other, but what are the other resources. First, let's just talk about the Word. We each be reading the Word on our own and we should be reading it together. What does that look like for you? It's no right or wrong way in each household. Choose a scripture a day, or read a passage together, listen to the Word on tape, or however you choose to do it. Just do it.

For the 'other' resources. There are so many. Let's just name a few, go to church, attend marriage ministry at church, attend local marriage groups, attend marriage counseling, read a book from an authority on relationships, find a marriage mentor, research marriage issues/discussions online, talk with your spouse. The key is that there are so many choices, but you don't have to choose just one, just do something. If you need answers in your marriage, go to the Source first and then use other 'sources' too. Don't be afraid to ask if you just don't know. For help from Marriage Built 2 Last, fill out the contact form on our website at You may also text the word 'marriage' to us at 443-201-7723.

Remember, "If you build it. It will last!"

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