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Gving Thanks For Our Spouse

With November being the month that fall really kicks in and it starts to truly get chilly, it makes one think of a steaming hot cup of coffee, tea or cocoa or a piping hot bowl of homemade soup. Yumnnnmm. Or how about a warm fluffy blanket and a nice toasty fire in the fireplace. The only additional piece needed is your mate to snuggle close to. For most people, there is nothing like snuggling or cuddling and feeling the love from our spouse while wrapped up in their arms! It’s almost like receiving a beautifully decorated gift in a huge box with a great big bow on top! You get just as excited about receiving the gift and how nice the whole presentation looks, before you ever open it up and see what’s inside.

This month while in the warmth of our homes, with Thanksgiving quickly approaching, everyone begins to think of all the things that they are thankful for. Even when we may think we don’t have anything to be thankful for because our ‘circumstances’ may not be like we want them to be, there are still many things to appreciate. Some examples are that we have a warm place to go home to everyday, we have beds to sleep in and blankets and couches that we can lay on to snuggle. We have some food in the house, running water, and clothes to wear. Some of us have children, friends, siblings and parents. We have a church home and spiritual leaders that we can learn from. This year, let’s think about all that we are thankful for concerning our spouse. Let’s each do an activity where we create a list of everything that we are thankful for relating to our spouse. It doesn’t have to only be about the things that they do for us, but include things that they do for others and that they do for themselves. Include things about their character and their behaviors. Most times in a relationship where one is weak, the other is strong. This is why God gave us ‘Helpmates’. We are connected as one and who doesn’t think that they are great. So, if you’re great, so is your spouse. If you feel this task seems too heavy for you, think about what may be blocking the flow of affirming words in your relationship. Pray for a heart that wants to build up and create a better you to see and receive what God wants you to in your relationship. Ask Him to help you see your spouse the way He sees them and start from there. Create that list and we will share some of our ideas.

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