Start Kissin’ more! The Power of a Simple K.I.S.S.S.

16 Different styles of kissing

Most of us don’t know that kissing can have a powerful and positive impact on our emotional and physical well-being. It’s something that almost all of us have taken for granted our entire lives. Although our article is written for adult relationships, our research on this topic has taught us that it really doesn’t matter who you are kissing (kids, parents, an elderly person) or where you kiss them (cheek, forehead, lips, etc.), it still can have a positive effect.

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Today we share sixteen different types of kisses and what they mean. On our live 5 day webinar, we will share how #kisses can impact and improve your #marriage, #relationships, your #health and your #wealth!

1. Forehead – expresses admiration. It’s a sign of comfort and assurance. Think about when your child falls and get hurt and you kiss them on their forehead or on their booboo.

2. Eskimo kiss – rub noses together. It expresses love. This is a cute way to snuggle and be close to your spouse or have a sweet, funny, loving moment with your kid.

3. Cheek – expresses positive feelings. This is considered a friendly kiss. You may kiss your spouse on the cheek in passing or your mom or dad as a hello or goodbye greeting.

4. Hand – shows respect or love for a person. This is not necessarily considered a kiss of love or affection. It’s basically a greeting and is used in certain cultures in place of a handshake.

5. Kiss of an Angel – gesture of sincere love. It’s when you kiss someone on the eyelid, just below the brow. It’s seductive but at the same time saying, I really love you.

6. Butterfly kiss – seductive. Think about in a movie and that moment when they are going in for the kiss and they stop right before touching each other’s lips and they’re looking in each other’s eyes and she closes her eyes and her eyelid brushes his cheek. Hmnnnn, seductive!!

7. Earlobe kiss - a sign of romance. This kiss is known as the most erogenous and romantic kiss between lovers. Imagine someone basically breathing down your neck and kissing your ear.

8. Single Lip Kiss – an erogenous kiss. This kiss is when you suck one of your partners lips between yours. You could take turns! Be gentle though!

9. Leave a Mark kiss – considered erotic foreplay. This kiss is also known as a ‘hickey’ or a ‘passion mark’. During foreplay or love-making a mark is usually left on the neck from gently biting or sucking the neck. I think as leaving your mark as a PDA, public display of affection.

10. Seductive kiss – an intimate kiss. This kiss is known as the k