How do we go from ‘I do to We do’?

Everyone stands at the altar during their #weddingceremony and say ‘I do’. From that moment on, starts the beginning phase of, ‘what do I have to do to make this #marriage work.’ When in reality, , we should be saying, “‘what do ‘we’ have to do to make this marriage work”.

At the altar, we say 'I Do', how do we get to 'We Do'

No longer should the #husband or #wife individually try to figure out what needs to happen in the marriage for it to be successful. The conversation should be what do ‘WE’ now need to put into place to make sure that ‘our’ marriage is one of the best marriages on the planet.

Here are some things to begin #conversations on how to get to a place of ‘WE’.

1. What do ‘WE’ need to do to stay healthy? What kind of foods should we purchase at the market? Where do we go for exercise? What will we cut out of our diet and hold each other accountable to stick to the plan?

2. What do ‘WE’ need to do to stay #connected to each other? When is our date night? When and where will we have designated talks each day? What do we like to do together?

3. What do ‘WE’ need to do to have great