Do You Prefer Sweet or Spicy Kisses?

17 Different Styles of Kissing

We could not believe the reasons that couples told us they don’t kiss their spouse! We did this whole mini project to find out all the different types of kisses that people can do. As part of our project, we decided to ask husbands and wives, what is their favorite style of kissing. Most people named the same types of kiss. Some people had never heard of some of the kisses that we mentioned. Some had heard of them but never truly experienced them. After reviewing all 17 kissing styles, let us know which is your favorite. Download the free checklist now:

Now, me personally, I had heard of all of them but two, and I had basically experienced all of them. However, I did not know the ‘official/unofficial’ name for each type of kiss. My personal favorite, ‘The French Kiss’. J The type of kiss we do most of the time, ‘The Peck Kiss’. But not just any old ‘peck’ on the lips. I like the deep, let’s press in hard, seductive, long closed lip type of kiss! It makes me go ‘hummnnn’! One of the questions that we asked couples, was how many times a day did they kiss their spouse. Most people said once a day and that was usually when they left the house for the day. But do you know that a lot of people don’t kiss their spouse regularly at all? The three most common times that a couple might kiss, is before they leave the house each day (or as a good morning kiss), when they come home each day and before they go to sleep at night. Which one is your favorite? For me, I have to have all three, but if I had to choose, it would be before I go to sleep. I cannot get to sleep if my husband falls asleep before I do and he didn’t kiss me good night. I will wake him every time! LOL!

So what are the top 4 reasons that ‘we’ found that couples said, why they do not like kissing their spouse?

1. Couples said they just don’t kiss any more. They had no good reason. They said somewhere along the way, they just stopped kissing one another.

2. Couples said that it wasn’t a priority. They felt that kissing just wasn’t a priority because life just got busy and complicated and it didn’t seem important in the midst of things.

3. Couples had an attitude against their spouse and they didn’t feel like or want to kiss their spouse for one reason or another. It could be because they fight all the time or because they had a big blow up or because they just hadn’t been getting along. Intimacy such as kissing had just phased out.

4. Couples thought that kissing was ‘nasty’! Can you believe that? One couple said they just didn’t like the thought of exchanging ‘spit’ (even though they did it early on in the marriage). Another said all they could think about was all the dental work their spouse had done in their mouth and they though ‘ugh’, no way.

At first glance, some of you may think these are okay reasons not to be kissing. I mean kissing isn’t a big deal anyway right? Noooooooo! Kissing is a big deal and should be done on a regular basis. So, what’s the difference between a sweet kiss and a spicy kiss my husband asked. Wellllll, a sweet kiss ( I told him) is when you cup my face, look in my eyes and lean in and kiss my lips. A spicy kiss is when you grab me, throw me back and tongue me down!!! Yesssss! Hot! I don’t know about you, but give me HOT any day! Which kiss are you getting on the regular, sweet or spicy? If neither, what do you think you and your spouse need to do to get the fiery hot kissin’ going on again? If you join our upcoming webinar, we can give you several different reasons to slobber each other down. There are some true health benefits to kissing that will help you mentally, physically and physiologically. No kidding.