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Feeling stuck in resolving your relationship conflicts?


Learn From 10+ Relatable Couples Who’ve Gone Through Conflict And Saved Their Marriage

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Couples Determined to Make Marriage Great:

Powerful Stories For Couples By Couples now!

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10+ Powerful Stories Of Overcoming The Toughest Relationship Obstacles

In this story compilation, Couples Determined to Make Marriage Great: Powerful Stories For Couples By Couples, 10+ couples graciously share their stories of not just their times of vulnerability and despair, but they also share their times of determination and persistence to make their marriage last without regret.


In this book anthology, you’ll get an extensive collection of 10+ relatable and powerful stories - so you and your partner can learn how you too can overcome the toughest of relationship challenges no matter what life throws at you. Learn how these couples love and stay 'In Love'.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, we have a money-back guarantee if you feel this book doesn’t help provide answers to your heartfelt questions and concerns.

How is this book different from other books about marriage?

This is a collection of true stories from real couples like you who’ve successfully demonstrated what it takes to form a fulfilling and long-lasting marriage.

How will this book help my marriage?

This book will transform your marriage if you take the time to read the stories, learn from many couples’ experiences, and apply their successful strategies to your own life.

What if my spouse doesn't read it with me?

That’s okay. You’ll still receive tremendous value that’ll help you and your marriage even if your spouse never picks up the book.

Can I use this book for couples groups?

Absolutely. We have resources and questions listed at the back of the book


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James and Cynthia Greene are Founders of Marriage Built 2 Last, LLC.  They are Marriage and Relationship Visionary Strategists. They help couples see what God sees for them by helping couples create a vision for their marriage so they can stop feeling stuck or alone so that they can achieve their dreams and destiny! Their goal is to help eradicate divorce, chaos and confusion in marriages by providing couples with vision that build marriages that last. James and Cynthia are 3x Best Seller Authors, passionate, prolific & in-demand Speakers, Certified Professional transparent & transformative Relationship Coaches. They provide online courses, workshops, retreats, conferences, and have the #1 Couples Membership Club.  They have been affectionately nicknamed  'America's Favorite Couple'! James and Cynthia are on a mission and makes no excuses about it, to let the world know that there are great marriages out here and you can have one too!

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