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 Where we seek to provide inspirational tools to dating, engaged and married couples to have successful marriage and relationship tips for a prosperous marriage! We pray that you will be inspired, motivated, pushed and prompted to propel your marriage to a higher level. Cynthia & James are a dynamic duo, fun, and loving Power Couple. They are unstoppable, on a mission and they make no apologies for the destiny that they are on, to redesign, reignite and reshape the way the world views marriage. James and Cynthia Greene are destined to not just ‘Tell’ the world, but ‘Show’ the world, that there are great marriages out there and everyone can have one! 

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James and Cynthia Greene

Send us a picture of you and your sweetheart and we will send you this free branded graphic with your picture on it. We are making the world take notice that there are couples who are in love with their spouse and have great marriages. If you want to shout it to the world and join our ‘We Nation, In Love’ movement.


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Free Video Resource :  Uncover how to connect with your lover and  build lasting romantic relationships

17 Kisses Checklist

Did you know that there are at least 17 different ways that we can kiss? How many ways have you tried kissing? Don’t know.  Get our Free Downloadable checklist: 17 Different Styles of Kissing. See which ones you have tried and let’s see you get your partner to try all 17 with you. Learn Ways to Kiss and Stay in Love.

Feeling like you’re drifting apart. Do You want to have fun again. Do You feel like you’re losing the intimacy you once had? Would you like to try something new but simple, that can pull you out of the conundrum of feeling lost or alone. What if you kissed your mate a different way for 17 days straight? How many ways do you kiss your sweetheart? Did you even know that there were at least 17 different styles to kiss? Most of us didn’t! Get this free checklist to start trying them out and see how they can build love and intimacy into your relationship simply by kissing. Get this free downloadable checklist with 17 different styles of kissing. AND GET TO KISSIN’!

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