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Here you will find tools that will help you as a couple, as well as an individual.  In order for us to have successful marriages, we must be whole person, and to be the best that we can be for our spouse and family. Know that every tip won’t apply to everyone every time, but glean from them what you can for yourself or for someone that you know. We’re all here to help one another.


Tip for couples:

It's all about relationship and being thankful. Talk with your spouse about what you are most thankful for in them. Sit down with a piece of paper for each of you and write down the list of things that you are thankful for concerning your spouse. Then exchange these lists and share and discuss.  Write things such as things they do, say, are and have done.





Use the links and list of resources below to gather tools and other pieces of information that may speak specifically to you, your current situation or basic maintenance for you and your family to continue building a firm foundation.

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Don't Get Married If... offers singles, engaged couples, and those who hope to be married one day a catalyst to foster intentional discussions.  It is through these conversations that couples will form a foundation that results in a marriage that is designed to last forever.  Click the link below to purchase your copy of, Don't Get Married If...!

Imagine 40 days spent completely in God's presence and then imagine 40 days spent completely with your spouse. This 40 day journey to the marriage of your dreams takes you and your spouse on a spiritual journey with the two of you, plus God. It is going to give you a plan for fasting, praying, reading scripture and spending time together with God to learn what His word says about marriage. 

The 7 Laws of Body Language is a powerful session for corporate events, community activities, or school assemblies. We’ve assembled experts in body language and communications to create an impactful session that everyone needs to hear once in their life.​

Key lessons include:

  • Understanding Body Language

  • At a Minimum, learn what the feet are saying

  • Have Comfort in the Torso

  • Indicating with the Arms

  • My Hands are saying something

  • The face of your mind

To Purchase, E-mail:

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