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A successful marriage takes work...

You must nurture yourself, your spouse, and the joined union. In this course, you will learn how God’s Word can guide your marriage in a healthy & inspiring way.

By mutually agreeing to go on this journey in life together, it is important to know how to build a marriage that lasts.

The Marriage Formula  Success System includes an online digital video course you watch with your future (or current) spouse, assignments and assessments that go with each video, and the key takeaways for discussion.

Marriage Succes Formula course

"A successful marriage requires falling in love

many times, always with the same person.”

- Mignon McLaughlin

​The Marriage Formula Success System is a unique programmed designed to help lovers in all stages of their journey – from new couple to those who’ve been married for years. We’ve created this program to help couples find the Word of God in their marriage and use it as a guiding light towards happy and healthy marriages.




  • Couples That Are Missing the Mark in Their Relationship

  • Struggling in Their Communication

  • Need to Jumpstart Their Romance

  • Marriage Has Taken a Backseat to Their Finances

  • Struggling to reach your destiny

  • Have the Tools, But Not Using Them in the Marriage

  • Been silent and unfulfilled too long

  • Ready to Open the Tool Box and Start Building

  • Tired of standing in the shadows of their marriage dreams!

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In This Course You Will Find...

  1. The Meaning of Marriage (Understanding God’s Desire for Marriage)

  2. Developing Love and Romance (Let’s Go Back Down Memory Lane)

  3. The Basics of Marriage Communication (Words Can and Do Hurt, Love Talk 101)

  4. Creating a Blissful Financial Union (Don’t Let the Money Get You Down)

Getting married is a big step in life. Two people coming together in a union of marriage means that before tying the knot, couples should take the time to really understand the values of their spouse.

The Pre-Marriage Formula for Success is designed for couples getting ready for marriage and singles looking for love. We discuss a variety of topics and how to handle effective communication. With foundation building exercises, this course will help any couple gain a better perspective on their future partner.

We’ve designed this course for singles wanting to get engaged, those dating and unsure if they are ready, engaged couples getting ready to walk down the aisle, healing from past relationships, and those who are lacking guidance for finding their next relationship.


  • The Roles of Husband and Wife

  • Secrets for Building a Marriage that will last

  • Things that Marriage is NOT

  • 5 Key Questions to ask yourself and your spouse about being ready for marriage

  • Plus so much more

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In This Course You Will Find...

  1. The Pre-Marriage Formula Success System

  2. 1-Day Pre-Marriage Built 2 Last Boot Camp

  3. God’s Desire for Marriage Program

  4. Private Coaching Session

  • 1-Day Pre-Marriage Built 2 Last Boot Camp ​

  • Understanding God’s Desire for Marriage Program 

  • Private One-On-One Coaching Session

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Do you and your spouse run your own business? Couples who work together in their own business have unique and special needs to make sure you are keeping you marriage and your business healthy. In The Marriage Business and Wealth Course, couples are able to find and create great balance in their marriages and their business.

The Marriage Business and Wealth Course is designed to fast track the balance you need to thrive in both areas of your life. It is a complete program with systems and steps you can immediately implement for results that you will see. We also include advice from experts in their fields – like finance and budget systems.

The Marriage Business and Wealth course is perfect for you if you are struggling in business, unable to find trust in the business relationship, lack knowledge and tools that won’t negatively impact your marriage, feeling overwhelmed with priorities, and unable to separate your personal life from business.

James and Cynthia Greene facilitators
“If You Build It, It Will Last!” ~ James and Cynthia Greene
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In This Course You Will Get...

  • Marriage Business and Wealth Formula

  • 1­Day Married Business Building Bootcamp

  • God­-Centered Marriage Program

  • Private Coaching Session

Using the formula we’ve create for success, you will learn:

Develop a Marriage Built to Last

Creating a Marriage and Business Mindset to Millions

Goals, Passions and Dreams – Oh My

Establishing Your 5 Business Love Languages

Communication is more than words. When trying to send someone a message, every aspect of your presence gives signals that should reinforce you words. When Your Body Speaks is a unique live presentation where our professional speakers come to your group and share insightful tips on how we interpret body movements, plus ways to create positive communication style through effective body language.

When Your Body Speaks – The 7 Laws of Body Language is a powerful session for corporate events, community activities, or school assemblies. We’ve assembled experts in body language and communications to create an impactful session that everyone needs to hear once in their life.

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Key lessons from this session include:

  • Understanding Body Language

  • At a Minimum, learn what the feet are saying

  • Have Comfort in the Torso

  • Indicating with the Arms

  • My Hands are saying something

  • The face of your mind

In this session, you will learn:

  • How  to understand what a person’s body language is saying in your relationships.

  • Ways to create your own on-demand happy environment

  • Tips to get a better read on others body language

  • How to create a positive resource toolkit for those moments when we non-verbally communicate.

"The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.”

Peter F. Drucker

40 Day Journey book and course

Here is a program built for dating and engaged couples (but perfect for married ones too) to go on a 40 day journey that is super power packed, but simple to do. This program will build a foundation straight from the word of God that will help you start your marriage off stronger than anything you could ever hope for.


The #LoveOfGod

The #PowerOfLove

The #RoleOftheHusband

The #RoleOftheWife

The #PowerOfTwo

The #FamilyUnit

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In This Course You Will Get...

  • Free pdf download of book

  • Free pdf download of workbook

  • Free audio of book

  • Weekly group coaching call with authors

  • Private Facebook group – 40 Day Journey

  • to the #MarriageOfYourDreams

1st month free in Relationship Journey Book Club!

What Would YOU Say?

The “What Are You Saying” live workshop is up to 2 hours long. We discuss each area of the communication principles. We share ideas on how to improve existing relationship as well as ways to find new relationships.

This live workshop is perfect for anyone in a relationship, who desires maintaining existing personal and professional relationships, and those who want to build positive success relationships.

Through the course,

we will cover the following topics:

  • Be Open

  • Honest & Truthful

  • Direct & Clear

  • Watch your Words

  • Be a Good Listener

  • Don’t Be Judgmental

  • Use Words to Edify

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In this workshop, you will get:

  • One to Two hour workshop

  • Practical tools to use to increase your communication

  • Real life stories or examples

  • Live exercises to enhance your learning


Here you will find tools that will help you as a couple, as well as an individual.  In order for us to have successful marriages, we must be whole person, and to be the best that we can be for our spouse and family. Know that every tip won’t apply to everyone every time, but glean from them what you can for yourself or for someone that you know. We’re all here to help one another.


Tip for couples:

It's all about relationship and being thankful. Talk with your spouse about what you are most thankful for in them. Sit down with a piece of paper for each of you and write down the list of things that you are thankful for concerning your spouse. Then exchange these lists and share and discuss.  Write things such as things they do, say, are and have done.




Don't Get Married If.. book


Use the links and list of resources below to gather tools and other pieces of information that may speak specifically to you, your current situation or basic maintenance for you and your family to continue building a firm foundation.

Don't Get Married If.. book

Get Your Copy Today!

Don't Get Married If... offers singles, engaged couples, and those who hope to be married one day a catalyst to foster intentional discussions.  It is through these conversations that couples will form a foundation that results in a marriage that is designed to last forever.  Click the link below to purchase your copy of, Don't Get Married If...!

Imagine 40 days spent completely in God's presence and then imagine 40 days spent completely with your spouse. This 40 day journey to the marriage of your dreams takes you and your spouse on a spiritual journey with the two of you, plus God. It is going to give you a plan for fasting, praying, reading scripture and spending time together with God to learn what His word says about marriage. 

Don't Get Married If.. book

The 7 Laws of Body Language is a powerful session for corporate events, community activities, or school assemblies. We’ve assembled experts in body language and communications to create an impactful session that everyone needs to hear once in their life.​

Key lessons include:

  • Understanding Body Language

  • At a Minimum, learn what the feet are saying

  • Have Comfort in the Torso

  • Indicating with the Arms

  • My Hands are saying something

  • The face of your mind

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