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Find traditional and nontraditional date night ideas for fun time together.

This month’s date idea:

The Love Shack!


This is all about creating an inexpensive romantic date night at home by creating a "Love Shack" in your bedroom. The idea is to turn your bedroom into a love shack. This means that you have to get home before your spouse (men, you can do this for your wife or wife for the husband).


Step 1: You want to create a tray or basket full of goodies (basket ideas: sparkling cider and wine glasses, candles, snacks such as cheese, grapes, chocolate, etc.; a movie DVD, a romantic card for your spouse).


Step 2: Next, you want to decorate your bed (you can do the whole room if you like). Create a tent over your bed (buy a tent or use a light blanket, a sheet or some material from the fabric store). Put some fancy red or pink silk sheets with pillow cases on the bed. Sprinkle bed with rose petals and 'lightly' spray with their favorite perfume or cologne. Put some red or purple colored lights in your lamps or overhead light. Place candles around bed.


Step 3: Have soft love music playing and have VCR set to watch a truly fun or romantic movie (your choice).


Step 4: (optional) Have the bathroom decorated also and prepare a truly romantic and beautiful bubble bath for your spouse. This means candles, music, favorite robe laid out and a book or snacks to relax in tub. Afterwards, lead them to treat (above) in bedroom.


Additional tips: Blindfold your spouse and lead them to the bedroom (or bath). If you don't want to watch a movie, then you can do Option 5 below or get right to the punch line! :)


Step 5: (optional) Have another basket filled with either (A) some of his favorite things to do such as a golf ball, a golf tee, a car key, a candy bar, a sample of his favorite food, a tennis ball, football parapharnalia (favorite team mascot item), fishing tackle gear, a weight, etc. and let him guess what each item is while blindfolded. Can do this while relaxing in bed. 


(B) have a basket filled with samples of some of his favorite foods and deserts and let him guess what each are.


Have fun and enjoy the romance!


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