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5 Tips For Building a Stronger Marriage



If you want your marriage to be stronger, here are 5 tips to a stronger marriage you can use as a tool to help strengthen your marriage.

1. Put GOD first.
According to a survey conducted by Harvard University recently, there is a conclusion that any marriage that began with a church wedding, the divorce rate went from one out of two to one out of fifty. Also, marriages that began with a Christian ceremony and the couple attend church every week, read the Bible and pray on a usual basis, the divorce rate is one out of one hundred and five, that is 1:105. As you can see, when we put God first, your marriage becomes the beneficial. Don’t believe the hype out there about the divorce rate in Christian marriages!
2. Communication.
Couples should not only communicate the big, mainevent but the small day-to-day events and concerns as well. It is vital that couples share their personal feelings, thoughts and objectives with each other and do so habitually to form and sustain their relationship. Talk about everything and anything and be open and honest.

3. Show respect.
Respecting each other is the keyto healthy relationship. Complement each other. Don't talk down on your spouse. Show them the same courtesy you would to anyone else. Be kind, considerate, and charitable to each other. Have each other’s back around other people, meaning don’t belittle them in front of other people. If some else says something negative to or about your spouse, support your spouse.

4. Listen.
Render to your spouse your full attention when he/she is sharing something with you. This is a sign of respect and shows that you are interested in what he/shehas to say. You should stop what you're doing, turn toward them, make that eye contact, and listen. You can repeat part of what they said to you if you need further clarification. This is a good practice to get into to help build your listening and communication skills.

5. Date your spouse.
After you're married it's easy to become caught up in the rush of the day-to-day life and lose sight of doing things as a couple. Devotesometime on a daily basis to do things together. This can be something as simple as sitting down to watch television, eating at the dinner table together or taking a casual walk. Use this time to communicate with one another. Remember to plan weekly dates with one another as well. Repeat those activities that made you fall in lovein the first place. Have some fun just for the sake of it!

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