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5th Annual Virtual Summit

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Before we got married, we did not know how to get it right. So, we went on a personal journey to create the marriage we always dreamed of. We spent 40 days on a journey with God, we joined a 'Couples Group', we attended marriage events and read books. But most of all, we 'talked' about everything! Today, we live the marriage of our dreams!

Each year at the annual online Virtual Summit hundreds of couples attend. This year we expect hundreds more. Here is what you can expect:

This summit focuses on the Couple that has destiny in mind. It is for the Couple that

  • Know they want to focus on their strengths and not their weaknesses.

  • Know they were destined for more and want to take initiative

  • Know that they want to get their stuff in order

  • Know that they are 'THE' Power Couple to watch out for

  • Know that they need 'MORE'!

  • Want to be a 'Confident Couple'

Don't let anyone or anything stop you from getting what you desire and deserve. This summit is power-packed with top Relationship Experts and Thought Leaders with the wisdom, expertise and experience that you need to get the answers that you need.

Don't miss the opportunity of a life-time for the two of you to take one evening to sit down together and watch an online show that will propel your relationship to 'Next Levels'!

In these summit you will learn to:

  • Take powerful initiatives together to build your dreams

  • Be a ‘decisive’ team

  • ‘Forgive’ quickly

  • Know each other’s ‘strengths’ so you balance each other

  • Celebrate your Wins!


That's right! We want you to win! So Join other confident couples on the journey to succes!

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