Preparing for 2021 and Beyond!


2021 is going to be on and popping. We believe that people will practically be living at each other’s homes and other social environments because they have felt so socially divided in 2020. We believe people will be super active and looking for new and innovative ways to grow, communicate, collaborate and build relationships. They will be more focused on positive energy and focused purpose. We believe people are going to soar and achieve things they have only dreamed of.

Purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists; or what you have as your intentions or objective (Webster). As we like to say, ‘purpose is simply a source of your passion’. Passion is a strong feeling or emotion or the object of someone’s love, liking or desire (Webster). Therefore, our question to you is ‘what are you passionate about’? What drives you? What makes you smile or happy? What gets you all worked up in a good way or bad way because you want to see something or someone win! What excites you or gives you energy?

God puts couples together for a reason. In other words ‘for a purpose’. Oftentimes, we never ask Him why or we never have a discussion with each other about why we are together. So many people get married with their own visions and dreams of what they want in life and marriage and for the most part, that’s okay. But God says when you marry, the two become one. That means ‘one’ vision, ‘one’ goal’ together. That does not mean that you don’t still have your own individual purpose and goals, but what does God want the two of you, as one, to accomplish in the earth, together. What are the two of you called to do, together? When a couple knows their shared vision and goals that God has for them, NOTHING can stop them from accomplishing great things.

When James and I were engaged I heard a word from God. He told me that James and I were going to do something with marriage. I shared that word with James. At the time we didn’t even think too much about it and had no idea what that even meant. We thought we would maybe work with the marriage ministry at church. Within the first year of our marriage, it was prophesied to us that we were called to do great things with relationships, we were told by our Pastors that we should be mentoring other couples, we were asked to join a group of married couples (which we belonged to for 8 years) and we were asked to be mentors for couples who were a part of the marriage ministry at church. Today we have a marriage business, we are the leaders of our marriage ministry at church, we have two best-selling books on relationships, and we do marital and pre-marital coaching. We did not go seeking any of these things. It took others seeing what was in us and in our marriage and seeing that we were called to do things related to relationships. It also took God directing us and guiding us along the way. All we could think of is what God spoke to me before we were married.

What has God been whispering in your ear? What do you know you and your spouse would be really good at doing together? Could it be gardening or yard work; or real estate investing; or ministering; or building a financial empire, or a business, etc.? What do you talk about a lot? What do you go out and do together? What is one of you doing that the other discusses or helps you with? What have you been thinking about doing?

If you feel like you don’t know ANYTHING that you may have in common or what you may be called to do together, then you may want to take some time to talk about it one evening. Discuss how you can create a plan to accomplish those goals and walk out your vision.

When a couple has a shared vision and have written goals to accomplish together, there is nothing that can stop them from accomplishing their dreams when they know this is what God wants them to do. They become a powerful couple on a mission! When a couple discovers that they didn’t marry to be mediocre, but for purpose, power and passion (not the sexual kind but you want that too 😊), and a call to do great things in the earth, then their dreams and goals become a reality in ways they never imagined. When a couple discovers and walks in their shared vision from God, nothing and no one can stop them!

Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. If money, people’s opinions and judgments, and fear were not factors